Do you want to become a bodybuilder? Then you must be wondering whether you can do it with weight lifting or not.

You cannot do both at the same time. Let’s figure out whether you should quit weight lifting just to achieve bodybuilding fitness.

Should I Quit weight lifting for bodyweight fitness?

Yes, you will need to quit weight lifting if you want to achieve the fitness levels of a bodybuilder. That’s because you are not focusing on all muscles of your body when you are weight lifting. Being restricted will never help you to get the results that you want. This is why it is quite important for you to quit weight lifting.

1. Do your homework before you switch 

The majority of people who switch to calisthenics fail because they don’t know how to advance their training. You’ll need to learn how to train beyond the simple push-ups or crunches that you learned in gym class if you want to take your bodybuilding workouts to the next level.

Growing muscle and endurance with calisthenics is similar to building muscle strength with weights. Progressive tension is still being used to develop your muscle harder over time.

The only distinction is in how you go about doing it. When you lift weights, you adjust the amount of weight that lift while maintaining a consistent technique. With calisthenics, you may modify your technique while maintaining the same weight.

2. Exercises that emphasize power and strength should be prioritized

With so many various training regimens to select from, it’s easy to become lost in the ocean depths of bodyweight training. There are more different forms of push-ups than there are different sorts of snack foods at the 7-11.

When your objectives are strength and muscle, don’t feel obligated to complete every sort of workout and variation. Make push-ups, pull-ups, dips, bridges, lunges, and handstands a mainstay of your workout.

To make fundamental motions simpler or harder, invest in a nice set of rings or even a suspension trainer. Many weight machine workouts, like curls and triceps extensions, may also be done with bodyweight. Here’s a link to one of my favorite homemade suspension trainers.

3. Gradually go from weights to bodybuilding

Unless, of course, life dictates it, you don’t have to give up the weights and go to weight training right soon. Combining bodyweight with weight training has always been a smart notion, and you may progressively increase the emphasis on calisthenics as you gain confidence.

Switching one weights session per week with one lightweight workout is a smart method to achieve this. Then, once a week, move to multiple bodyweight exercises, and so on.

You may even swap out certain workouts at a time, such as pulldowns or cable rows for pull-ups and ring rows.

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4. Don’t be concerned about your flaws

Changing from dumbbells to callisthenics will always reveal some fundamental flaws incompetence or muscle balance. During push-ups, you may notice that your biceps work harder than normal, or that lunges put your hip stability to the test.

It’s easy to attempt to get around these problems by claiming that the exercise isn’t appropriate for your objectives. You may argue that narrow push-ups aren’t excellent for the sternum and lunges is too much of a balancing exercise to train the quadriceps in these situations.

It may be the case for the time being, but it won’t be for long. Your triceps will become stronger and your balance would improve if you continued to perform those motions.

When that occurs, those weak connections will no longer hold you back, and tight push-ups will strengthen your chest while lunges will burn your quadriceps!

Final thought: Should I Quit Weight Lifting For Bodyweight Fitness? (Explained)

Don’t feel obligated to completely abandon the weights if you don’t want to. Unless you have a reason to just employ bodyweight exercise, you may combine the two as you see fit. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that no matter what strategy you utilize, consistency and growth should be your priority.


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