Can you lose fat while bulking?

Do you want to get a bulkier body? However, this is something that you should do by losing fat.

It can provide much-needed assistance for you to be healthy. Let’s see whether you can do both at the same time here.

Can You Lose Fat While Bulking? 

Yes, it is possible for you to lose fat while bulking. This process is identified as re-comping. There are some effective ways you can do it as well. For example, controlling the number of proteins you consume.

Then if you be able to create a calorie deficit within your body will lead to losing fat. In this topic, we will explore that in detail. 

1. Keep your carbs low as much as possible 

Even while bulking, including a low-carb day within your routine at least once a week is a wonderful method to help maintain body fat under control.

If your regular carbohydrate consumption is 400 grams, for example, reduce it to roughly 100 grams once a week (best done after a cheat meal). To avoid depleting your calories too much, distribute some additional protein & healthy fats across your low-carb day.

2. Workouts that can help you gain muscle & burn fat

If in a muscle-building stage, it’s common to take heavier dumbbells or add some plates to the bar, but this isn’t the only approach to encourage hypertrophy.

Drop sets, supersets, and rest-pause approaches are excellent for kindling muscular development while also challenging you to maintain total repetitions higher, exercise speed quicker, and your fat-burning machinery ideally boosted. Every few days, try an exercise like the one in the next slide to stay a mass building machine. 

3. Come up with a plan to have unhealthy meals 

When the main aim is to develop muscle mass, as previously stated, there’s nothing improper with the odd cheat meal. However, if consumed at the right moment, junk foods might not only do less harm but can aid hypertrophy.

Our body is most suited to manage a higher calorie intake, particularly from carbs, two times a day: first thing every morning and soon after a weightlifting session.

It’s because blood sugar control is at its peak after a lengthy fast and after glycogen has been yanked from muscles (after exercising), allowing more calories to be partitioned toward muscle tissue and far from fat cells.

4. Have cheat meals, instead of cheat days 

Enjoying a free meal of pancakes, fries, burger, pizza, beer, or dessert in moderation and just a few times each week may be good for both your body and mind. Allowing yourself full cheat days, on the other hand, will just make you feel like trash and contribute to “pregnant gut syndrome.” If you’re serious about achieving great gains this winter, limit your cheat meals or your abs will take a lengthy break.

Can You Lose Fat While Bulking?

5. Maintain your cardiovascular Fitness.

While I understand how tempting it is to forego exercise during the “offseason,” it is not in your best interests. Cardio is not only good for your heart, but it may also help you boost your appetite and stay relatively slim as you consume all those additional calories.

Of course, doing the same quantity of cardio as you would throughout a cutting phase isn’t required or sensible, but 20 to 30 minutes five days a week will be enough. 

Final Thought: Can you lose fat while bulking (Explained) 

So,  as  you can  see   here in this  article  the  best way  to  lose  fat  while  bulking  is  to:

  1. Keep your carbs low as much as possible 
  2. Engage in Workouts that can help you gain muscle & burn fat
  3. Come up with a plan to have unhealthy meals 
  4. Maintain your cardiovascular fitness.
  5. Have cheat meals, instead of cheat days 

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